Some Tips for Automotive Electronics Drivers

For this phenomenon electrical components mounted owners, I think the electric car is not too much, in fact, many automotive electrical practicality is not strong, installed in the car almost completely useless. In addition, the car also modified lines need to be cautious.


You may ask how can I know Junkyards near me which brand is good? No worry, just check our customers’ reviews here:


This is a great unit. Everyone that sees it loves it. I was hesitant about this purchase but after reading all the reviews I chose it and very glad I did. Installation was very easy ( The only thing I would like to see different would be a “truck” package that offered longer wires for the camera, satellite and microphone.

I was able to make them work though just not where I wanted them to be) I am very impressed with the ease of use and how well everything works. This is an amazing head unit especially for the price! The only problem I’m having is the bluetooth for phone calls is not very loud. Not sure if it’s a phone issue or not. It also has a small start up lag for about 30 seconds or so but you get used to it quick. All an all no radio is perfect but this one is pretty close! Love this unit. Customer service has been fantastic too. My unit is the G2110F Thank you eonon probably going to buy another one!


There are many merchants selling car navigation systems, electronic dogs, car cleaners, car air pumps and other products, such as electrical products, automotive dealers generally indicates more “popular.” “We are engaged in wholesale shopkeepers cater to retail sales, the average monthly retail automotive navigation systems 50-60 units sell electronic dog 30 40, if you count the amount of wholesale, or even more, especially during the holidays, before the Golden Week period time, sales will increase significantly.

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